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Annual International Miniature Art Exhibition

MASF 2010 Annual International Miniature Art Show at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art in Tarpon Springs, FL.

Miniature Art Society of Florida, Inc. - 2025 Exhibition

Downloads for artists*

2025 Prospectus
(PDF File)

Please submit your Entry Form after August 1st 2024, and schedule mailing of artwork to arrive between August 25th & September 21st, 2024.

For inquiries, e-mail admin@miniatureartsocietyofflorida.com.

2025 Show
Entry Form

(For filling out online, printing and submitting electronically)
Note: Please do not use all caps when filling out form.

Tips /

For Printing or Submitting forms

*Important 2025 Show Revisions:

  • The dates for arrival of artwork entries have been changed. Please plan for your artworks to arrive between August 25 and September 21, 2024.
  • For two-dimensional artwork, framing depth has been reduced due to the limitations of our hanging display panels to accommodate deeply framed artworks.
  • The show venue for our 50th Anniversary will be at the Gallery At Creative Pinellas in Largo, Florida.
For artists who wish to submit their own photographs of their artwork for the Online Exhibition, click here for instructions.

•2025 Show Runs - January 19th - February 9th
Show/Activity Schedule:
Saturday, January 18th: Collectors Preview (No Invitation Necessary): The Gallery at Creative Pinellas, 10AM - 2PM (tentative)
Sunday, January 19th: Awards Brunch (By invitation and requires registration fee - details will be added here later.)
  8:45 AM Register/Convene 9:00 AM Awards Brunch
Bon Appetit Restaurant, 150 Marina Place, Dunedin, Florida
Sunday, January 19th: Public Opening: 1PM - 4PM (tentative)
Sunday, February 9th: Last day of show: 1PM - 4PM. Online sales close at 3PM. (Times are tentative.)
- Volunteers are welcome for all activities involving show set-up and dismantle.

•The 2025 MASF Exhibition will be held at the Gallery at Creative Pinellas
12211 Walsingham Road, Largo, FL 33778 (727) 582-2172
Hours: 10AM - 5PM Wednesday - Sunday, Closed Monday & Tuesday
Contact admin@miniatureartsocietyofflorida.com to arrange for a Group (8 and over)

The 2024 Online Exhibition is available for viewing.

2024 Award Winning Images (slideshow)

View a slideshow of artists demonstrating their art techniques at the 2024 Exhibition

Notice to artists: Please ignore or carefully inspect emails that appear to be coming from our administrators, as spammers and hackers abound these days!


Award Winning Images from MASF Exhibitions:

2023 Award Winning Images (Slide Show)
2022 Award Winning Images (Slide Show)
2020 Award Winning Images (Slide Show)
2019 Award Winning Images (Slide Show)
2018 Award Winning Images (Slide Show)
2017 Award Winning Images (Slide Show)
2016 Award Winning Images (PDF - 14MB)
2015 Award Winning Images (PDF - 19.6MB)
2014 Award Winning Images (PDF - 17MB)
2013 Award Winning Images (Courtesy of Wes Siegrist)
2012 Award Winning Images (Courtesy of Wes Siegrist)
2011 Award Winning Images (PDF - 2.5 MB)
2010 Award Winning Images (PDF - 2.2 MB)
2009 Award Winning Images (PDF - @2.6 MB)
2008 Award Winning Images (PDF - @1.3 MB)
2007 Top Award Winning Images (PDF - @1 MB)
2006 Top Award Winning Images (PDF - @1.2 MB)


- View a slideshow of photos taken at the 2018 MASF Exhibition
- View a video of the 2010 MASF Exhibition

MASF Best of Show Winners:

2024 Denise Horne-Kaplan
2023 Irina Kouznetsova
2022 William Mundy
2020 Linda Wacaster
2019 Linda Wacaster
2018 Lonetta Avelar
2017 Brenda Morgan
2016 Michael W. Coe
2015 Lena Leitzke
2014 Tim Bowers
2013 Luann Houser
2012 Lynn Ponto-Peterson
2011 Jonathan Knight
2010 Judy Minor
2009 Jane Mihalik
2008 Rachelle Siegrist
2007 Irina Kouznetsova
2006 Gail MacArgel
2005 Rachelle Siegrist
2004 Jason Sommersby Dyas
2003 Dean Mitchell
2002 Edward Dyas
2001 Violet Temple
2000 Jane Mihalik
1999 Emery Tedrick
1998 Michael Coe
1997 William Mundy
1996 Rosalind Pierson
1995 Mary Chadwell
1994 Jane Mihalik
1993 Tatiana Moroz
1992 Jane Mihalik
1991 Louis Stern
1990 Dean Mitchell
1989 Glenora Richards
1988 Jonathan Knight
1987 Jeanne Dunne
1986 Pat Longley
1985 Jan Markut
1984 Pat Longley
1983 Thomas Easley
1982 Helen Duckwall
1981 Jan Markut
1980 Horace Browning
1979 Elisa Lagoma
1978 Pat Longley
1977 Robert Eric More
1976 Jane Blake

MASF Show Judges:
(Click names to view profiles in PDF format)

2024 David Hunter, MAA
2023 Carol Rockwell, MAA
2022 R. Lynn Whitelaw
2020 Markissia Touliatos, MAA, RMS
2019 Paul Eaton, MAA, RMS
2018 Melissa Miller Nece, MAA, SAA,CPSA
2017 Ed Gazsi
2016 Wes Siegrist, MAA, SAA
2015 William R. Maurer
2014 Alan Farrell, MAA
2013 Kay Petryszak, MAA
2012 Linda Rossin, MAA, SAA, CPA, AFC
2011 H. Francis Sellers, MAA
2010 John Seerey-Lester
2009 Lois Salmon Toole, MAA, NWS, WPA
2008 Rosalind Pierson, MAA, RMS
2007 Neil H. Adamson, AWS, NWS, FWS
2006 Michael Milkovich
2005 Johannes Landman, MAA
2004 Robert Butler & Octavio Perez
2003 Kim Barnes
2002 Ken Carlson
2001 Sandra Carpenter & Kathleen Cook, PSA
2000 Mary Chadwell, MAA, Chuck Elley, MAA & Melissa Wolcott
1999 Tykie Ganz, MAA & Bill Renc
1998 Jean H. Grastorf, AWS, NWS & Sue Burton
1997 Margi Cochran, MAA, RMS
1996 Jonathan M. Knight
1995 Raymond Whyte, MAA, Deborah Magoon & John M. Angelini, MAA, AWA
1994 Joyce Birkenstock, Roy Nichols & Sheila Sanford, MAA
1993 Thomas Dawkins, Frank Hopper, MFA, AWS, APAS, IAMA, & Frank Saso, ISMP
1992 Jan Markut, MAA, RMS, Marty Munson & Bill Mundy, MAA, RMS, HS
1991 Dean Mitchell, MAA
1990 Joan Kropf
1989 Christopher M. Still
1988 Stephen Scott Young
1987 Carlton Plummer, MAA
1986 Christine R. Nodine
1985 M. Stephen Doherty
1984 Gerald Lubeck, MAA
1983 Marion Simonds, MAA
1982 Pat Longley, MAA
1981 Reed Ide & Eugenio Benini
1980 George Pappas
1979 Ethelyn Hurd Woodlock
1978 Charles A. Holder, B.F.A


The Miniature Art Society of Florida, Inc. (MASF)
730 Broadway, 2nd Floor
Dunedin FL 34698

Mailing address: 1497 Main Street
Box 323
Dunedin, FL 34698 USA

To contact MASF's Administrator, e-mail admin@miniatureartsocietyofflorida.com

All images © MASF and the respective artists. Artwork featured on this website has been awarded in a MASF Exhibition or is part of the Permanent Collection. Photos courtesy of Andrew Gott and Wes Siegrist. Miniatureartsocietyofflorida.com/miniature-art.com is the official website of The Miniature Art Society, Inc. of Florida. All artwork, images and contents of this website are © Miniature Art Society, Inc. of Florida and the respective Artists.