Tips for Filling Out, Printing & Successfully Submitting Entry Forms/Troubleshooting

  • Mandatory and highly encouraged fields on the Entry Form.
  • For newcomers, step by step instructions with screen shots as iillustrations.
  • If the PRINT button appears not to work, scroll up to see if there is an error or warning message. For instance, if you did not enter an e-mail address, the warning message will display when you click the PRINT or SUBMIT button. You would have to scroll up to that area on the form to see the message. You can then click "Skip" if it is a warning message, but you must fix it if it is an error, such as a required field. Then PRINT the form.
  • Some computers will drop the artwork Price column off the right hand side of the printed output. If this happens, change the scale on the Print Dialog Menu (see example) to 95 or 94%. The price should then fit on the page.
  • If you do not have a printer available for the computer you are using, you can "print" to a PDF file, give it a name that you will remember and save it to a folder that you can access (it will most likely default to your Downloads folder). Then you can send the PDF file to a friend who has a printer. See examples of a Windows and Mac Print Dialog Menu.
  • After clicking the SUBMIT button, you should get the following message:
    Your Entry form is on its way to MASF.
    To return to the form, click or tap here.
    If you do not receive this message*, contact, and we will assist you with submitting your form.
    *A recently discovered user error: If you checked the box for "alternate shipping address" by mistake, before you uncheck it, make sure you have not entered a name in the "Name" field. Delete that please before you uncheck the box.
  • The Prospectus states that a Windows XP or higher or a Mac OS 10 or higher are required to print and submit the Entry Form. However other systems such as Chromebook with Chrome OS will work fine.
  • Don't have a computer and are using a friend's computer to view this? Contact, and we will assist you with printing and submitting your form.